VetBioNet Transnational Access (TNA) project call




* EPIZOOTIC AND ZOONOTIC DISEASES Incl. African swine fever, avian influenza, West-Nile fever, COVID-19, MERS, Rabies, bTB, viral fish diseases and other terrestrial & aquatic animal diseases

—    FINAL CALL   —

The VetBioNet project has recently been extended!

The TNA call is still open for projects that can be finalized until January 2023.



What we are offering

(Complete list of partner infrastructures and services in the table below)

Free-of-charge access to:

  • BSL-2/BSL-3 animal facilities incl. animal purchase and husbandry

Livestock, ferrets, rodents, wildlife species and teleost fish

  • Animal study support

Inoculation, clinical monitoring, necropsies, pathological scoring, sampling and sample processing, etc.

  • Laboratory capacities and expertise

E.g. pathogen quantification, serological monitoring, histopathological scoring and data analysis

  • State-of-the-art technical platforms

E.g. OMICS, imaging, cell sorting and telemetry

  • Biobanks

Infectious or decontaminated serum and tissue samples, cell lysates, nucleic acids, etc.

  • Sample on demand services

Customised preparation of noninfectious/decontaminated samples from BSL-3 pathogen infection experiments for downstream analyses in a BSL-1 laboratory setting.

Who can apply?

European and international research teams or private enterprises

Find eligibility criteria here

More information & Contact

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The VetBioNet project has recently been extended!

The TNA call is still open for projects that can be finalized until January 2023.


Processing of applications within approx. 6 weeks

Organisation Country Facility Animals (excl. rodents) Biosafety level Website Contact
INRAE FR Plate-Forme d'Infectiologie Expérimentale (PFIE) livestock, wildlife 2-3 website Stephane Abrioux
INRAE FR Infectiologie Expérimentale des Rongeurs et des Poissons (IERP) fish 2 website Bernard Cayron
Wageningen Bioveterinary Research NL WBVR HCU livestock 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Norbert Stockhofe
Friedrich-Loeffler Institut DE FLI Insel Riems livestock, ferrets, wildlife, fish 2-4, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Martin Groschup
The Pirbright Institute UK livestock 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Ryan Waters
Animal & Plant Health Agency UK APHA Weybridge livestock, ferrets 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Hugh Simmons
Moredun Research Institute UK livestock 2-3 website Keith Ballingall
INIA ES Animal Health Research Centre (CISA) livestock, wildlife, fish 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Esther Blanco
IRTA ES Centre for Research on Animal Health (CReSA) livestock, ferrets, wildlife 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Albert Bensaid
EDI-IVI CH Institute of Virology and Immunology livestock 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Artur Summerfield
PIWET PL PIWET-PULAWY livestock 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Miroslav Pavel Polak
Aarhus University DK Department of Animal Science poultry 2 website Tina Sørensen Dalgaard
ANSES FR Ploufragan-Plouzané-Niort Laboratory livestock, fish 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Alassane Keita
ANSES FR Nancy Laboratory for Rabies and Wildlife ferrets, wildlife 2-3 website Sandrine Lesellier
Erasmus MC NL Erasmus Laboratory Animal Science Center ferrets 2-3 website Martje Fentener van Vlissingen
Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie IT fish 2-3 website Anna Toffan