TNA Call

VetBioNet Call for Proposals to Advance Research on Epizootic and Zoonotic Diseases

VetBioNet will offer access to the BSL3 facilities and technical resources of the consortium as part of its Transnational Access (TNA) Activities. This free-of-charge access to animal studies, laboratory capacities or biological samples will be provided to researchers or enterprises proposing a sound project related to epizootic and zoonotic diseases. Academic and non-academic research groups, SMEs and industries can apply, but only to service infrastructures outside their own country:

  • an applicant from an organization based in the EU cannot choose a hosting institution located in the same country of his/her organization to conduct a TNA project;
  • an applicant from an organization not based in the EU can equally apply to the present TNA call, by choosing a hosting institution not located in the same country of his/her organization (e.g.: applicants from a Swiss institute cannot choose as hosting institution a VetBioNet facility based in Switzerland). 20% of the total budget available in the present TNA call for proposals can be assigned to this second category of applicants.  

The call for applications has been launched on the 12th January 2018 and will remain open for the entire duration of the project (i.e.: until March 2022) or until all project-funded services have been used. Applications can be submitted at any time through the online application form available here below and will be processed within a pre-defined time schedule of approximately 6 weeks. Applicants are required to grant consent to the processing of their personal data before being redirected to the online application form.
Users of the services will be selected via a two-step selection process including an independent scientific peer review. The selected projects will then be able to commence work within the assigned VetBioNet facility shortly after notification.

If you have any specific question on the call and the application process, you can address it to the TNA Access Point:



VetBioNet Call for Samples Requests

As part of its Transnational Access Activities, VetBioNet will also offer access to sample collections available at partner institutes and produce on-demand samples. VetBioNet collections include viruses, bacteria, prions and animal study derived products (sera, tissues etc.) mainly involving a biohazard level 3 for humans and a biohazard level 3 or 4 for animals. Interested applicants must send a complete request form to the VetBioNet TNA Access Point: