COVID-19 statement by VetBioNet partners

Although COVID-19 is essentially a human pathogen,  VetBioNet being the comprehensive network of pre-eminent high-containment (BSL3) research facilities dedicated to advancing research on epizootic and zoonotic diseases, has had a lot of partners involved in the response to it.  This response varies with partners, dependent on their situation, but overall there has been significant support to national governments and international bodies, with advice, research and testing.

 More information is available on partners websites and includes: 

Scientific Articles:

  • Efficacy assessment of newly-designed and locally-produced filtering facemasks during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
B. BoogaardJ. NijssenF. BroerenJ. van den DobbelsteenV. VerhoevenJ. PluimS. DekkerE. SnijderM. van HemertS. Herfst. (VetBioNet partners involved: Erasmus MC) DOI:
  • SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted via contact and via the air between ferrets

M. RichardA. Kok D. de MeulderT. M. BestebroerM. M. LamersN. M. A. OkbaM. Fentener van VlissingenB. RockxB. L. HaagmansM. P. G. KoopmansR. A. M. FouchierS. Herfst. (VetBioNet partners involved: Erasmus MC) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-17367-2


For further information about COVID-19 in animals please go to Questions and Answers on the COVID-19: OIE – World Organisation for Animal Health.  The OIE is one of VetBioNet’s major stakeholders,  utilizing VetBioNet partner’s expertise and research.