Two European Commission Reports, Holley et al (2016) and European Commission (2017), have reported that significant improvements in the communication of information on 3Rs resources and the development of alternatives are needed. One part of the solution to this challenge is to improve awareness of 3R conference and related scientific events. Therefore, this Events Calendar brings together relevant information on sector specific conferences, workshops, symposia and training (but not accredited training see ETPLAS for this). At present the events covered are international but with a large emphasis on European locations, with the calendar currently spanning from May 2018 to August 2020. As they become available, links to event websites and registration information are included.

Every effort has been made to find as many relevant 3R events as possible, but events are constantly being organised so we welcome any information on missing or up and coming activities.

To improve the effectiveness of the Events Calendar resource we ask for feedback on the following questions;

  1. Are there any gaps in the calendar in terms of, certain activity types, topics, locations, dates and access or cost?
  2. Are there any additional activities that you or your organisation could provide?
  3. Are there any additional activities that you think VetBioNet should organise?

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16th Vaccine Congress @ Lake Garda, Italy
Sep 12 – Sep 14 all-day
16th Vaccine Congress @ Lake Garda, Italy

The 16th Vaccine Congress will take place onsite in Lake Garda, Italy, 12-14 September 2022.

Conference topics:

Abstracts are now invited on the following topics. They should be submitted using the online abstract submission system.



Abstract Submission Deadline: 13 May 2022

  • Economic and Political effects on Covid
  • T-cells and Viral Vaccines (Covid and Others)
  • Dengue, Flavivirus, Zika, Herpes, RSV
  • Public Health Rapid Response Vaccines to Pandemics
  • Vaccine Hesitancy
  • New Regulatory Pathways for Urgent Vaccines
  • Vaccine Platforms and Delivery Systems
  • Covid Vaccines
  • New Pneumococcal Vaccines
  • Veterinary and Agriculturally Important Vaccines
  • Influenza vaccines
  • New adjuvants
  • RNA Vaccines
  • Vaccine Safety
  • Other

Full details can be found on the conference page.

12th International ESVV Congress @ Ghent, Belgium
Sep 20 – Sep 23 all-day
12th International ESVV Congress @ Ghent, Belgium


* Abstract submission starts on 18 April 2022
* Abstract submission ends on 10 June 2022
* Notification abstract acceptance on 1 July 2022
* Registration starts on 18 April 2022
* Early Bird registrations end on 15 July 2022
* Regular registrations end on 2 September 2022

9th International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses (ZOO) @ Cali, Colombia
Dec 1 all-day
9th International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses (ZOO) @ Cali, Colombia

Due to the ongoing Covid situation, the conference has been postponed to December 2022.

Further information regarding location and dates will be available shortly on the event  website page.

The 9th International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses follows eight successful conferences, each of which provided an interdisciplinary forum for physicians, veterinarians, epidemiologists, immunologists, virologists, microbiologists, public health experts and others concerned with the ever-increasing problems associated with the transmission of infectious diseases from animals to humans and the economic impact of transboundary diseases.